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Saturday 23rd of June 2018
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Glastonbury drug arrests already

22nd June 2007 - 14:49

Police have today revealed that they have already arrested 34 people for drug offences, relating to this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

Officers have been targeting people over a two day period travelling from Paddington station in London to the Worthy Farm festival site.  Using sniffer dogs on the platform, police were stopping anyone whose luggage raised suspicion.

Of the people arrested, four had been arrested with intent to supply as police aim to keep this year’s Glastonbury Festival drug free.

In 2005, 183 drugs arrests were made, which was 76 more than the previous year.


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    7 Responses to “Glastonbury drug arrests already”

  1. narc said on

    just as i thought!! the sacred site of glastonbury has become a NAZI strong hold!luring the good people of the world to it! if it aint the scumbags robbing people with knifes and mallets, its the police robbing them with dogs and C.S gas!! so i put it to you that glastonbury is nothing more than a TRAP because it sertainly aint a FESTIVAL any more!!

  2. smackrat said on

    you need drugs to get through glastonbury, if i wanted to stand in a puddle of shit 500 foot away from the stage listening to crap sound quality, I’d wanna be off me tits on somethin! how much is a can of stella at glastonbury about a fuckin tenner??

  3. Peter K said on

    What a sad outlook on life you have, narc! Perhaps your so-called “Nazis” are actually trying to make the world a decent place to live for those of us who don’t present the police with a reason to be arrested?

  4. James Beacon said on

    Yer, everyone hates the police, crims and pervs roam our streets reoffending at will, cos the pigs are too busy arresting tax paying, hard working kids who merely wanna get high at a ROCK FESTIVAL of all places! Some day soon the good people of these lands will rise up and reclaim their freedom. These ripples will become great waves that will tear down this bullshit of a system where only cheats be they crims or politicians can prosper.

  5. stone head said on

    Surely all the police had to do was sit in Pete Docherty’s tent and wait for all the Glastonbury dealers to arrive instead of sniffing everyones luggage! … Wow I bet those drug dogs are spaced out 24/7 , I wanna be one, woof woof.

  6. somber said on

    Glastonbury Festival Ticket:

    Car Park Ticket:

    Having Them Both Torn Up Then Spending 9 Hours In The Slammer For a Bit of Weed?:

    may the fat, retarded, power tripped out security supervisor at gate 2B (you know who you are handsom ;-) for ever remain a minimum wage wank stain. congrats on finally passing your fire blanket controll course! got there in the end!!

  7. Laura said on

    James, I am totally with you on this – all these little ripples will eventually build up to send a tidal wave crashing through our ridiculous system, where you quite rightly observe that only the cheats seem able to prosper. What is wrong with our country that the normal people do not have a voice, we are not heard. We need to reclaim our freedom, and we need to fight for our rights. Really in the big scheme of things, where is the harm in getting high, enjoying good music and being loving to one another?!

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