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Saturday 23rd of June 2018
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T in the Park 2010 rumours?

17th July 2009 - 12:27

Less than a week since T in the Park 2009 closed its doors and already people can’t wait for next years T in the Park!

T in the Park 2010 is set to place at Balado Airfield near Kinross from Friday 9th July 2010 until Sunday 11th July 2010.

Early bird tickets for TITP2010went on sale a few daysago and already there’s plenty of interest, especiallysince they’r at 2009 prices- get yours here.

T in the Park Festival boasts over 180 acts over the 3 days, so there’s plenty of room for plenty of acts.

Rumours on who’s appearing at T in the Park will be flying around over the coming months and we’ll publish them on Festival News, as soon as we hear them. Why not follow us on Twitter and get the latest tweets.

Who do you think should be on the T in the Park lineup for 2010? Drop a comment below and we’ll see next year, whether you’re right! ;)

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    179 Responses to “T in the Park 2010 rumours?”

  1. Liam said on

    Herd Muse meant to be headlining :P

  2. Ell said on

    id say. Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian & Faith No More

  3. Bryony- said on

    anyone know the t in the park and glastonbury line up for 2010. going to both and eager to know :)

  4. Sarah said on

    Does anyone know if the killers are playing next year?

  5. Sophie said on

    I think Billy Idol should be the golden oldy at T in the park or Goo Goo Dolls because they are both awsome musicians x

  6. wayne said on

    fingers crossed for rage against the machine again but i doubt it…also radiohead would be amazing

  7. ewan said on

    the three headliners id love would be

    The Killers
    Daft punk ( not likely )
    or … feeder
    or jesus god yes if this happened , aerosmith !

  8. Jess said on

    Im hoping Lily Allen, Katy Perry, The Killers, Kings of Leon, 3oh3! and The Courteens will be there. Proper gutted missed it this year when they were all there (apart from 3oh3! though. Hopefully they will be next year but dobt it) x

  9. scoot said on

    Heard about the foo fighters , muse and ian brown with mani.

  10. Ben said on

    I dont mind who headlines, aslong as !!!MAXIMO PARK!!! are playin :)

  11. Paul MacDonald said on

    I think Frank Turner will definitely be there 2010.

    Well, I hope so!

  12. William said on

    I think there should be: The Killers, Black Eyed Peas, Calvin Harris, Jason Mraz, Coldplay, Mr Hudson, but duobt it as most of them were there this year and i missed it… :(

  13. Andy said on

    All I want to see are The Killers and Coldplay.

  14. David said on

    Muse, Coldplay and Linkin Park would be awesome with the script, 3oh3 and kasabian under them!

  15. tricky said on

    Think Muse are certainties, Artic Monkeys are probable and Depeche Mode have also been mentioned.

  16. calvin said on

    i hope taylor swift is there the killers, calvin harris, sum 41, blink 182

  17. richard said on

    i heard muse arctic monkeys beyonce or macca headliing.
    when will it be officially annouced ?

  18. stuarty said on

    hope 2many djs and felix da housecat r in the slam tent, and they have 2 have razorlight , kooks, the killers please please try that for starters !!!

  19. sarah wood and sinead bruce said on

    we have herd some grate rumours about muse!!!! would be soooo gooooooddddd!!!!! hope they are actilly head lining :D :D:D;););)

  20. REiLLY said on

    would love 2 see “the jam” reunite at titp 2010 that would b rather good :D think the stereophonice should also headline the saturday night…. roll on titp 2010 :D :D

  21. si said on


  22. cookie said on

    Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z, and to smash all previous T in the Parks ………… the mighty AC/DC HA!
    also MGMT, Black Kids, The Cribs………. come on Geoff Ellis give us what we need!!!!

  23. jamesepop said on

    radiohead,muse,artic monkeys,black eyed peas, the prodigy, red hot chilli peppers (agin) silversun pickups and smashing pumpkins would very good

  24. Kevin Wilson said on


    Its time the Beastie Boys Were Back at “T”
    Now that would rock! Nuf Said………….

  25. Adam said on

    i think there will be a headline slot in there for my chemical romance because of their new album set for release in late 2009 early 2010, and perhaps green day after all they will be touring again after the release of 21st century breakdown last may

  26. marc said on

    I think the libertines will play next year as they are getting back togeather and fingers crossed the view headlinr king tuts again they rock like.

  27. gareth said on

    Kasabian. Theyre just getting bigger and bigger

  28. fraser anderson said on

    hopefully be kings of leon again coz they were amazing!! would like to see kasabian or biffy clyro too!

  29. David Graham said on

    I heard Muse are almost a certainty to headline next year. I would love to see them headline with the Arctic Monkeys and either The Killers or Kings of Leon but cant see it as they both headlined this year

  30. steven said on

    Hopefuly THE kiLLers and Stereophonics Will be there !!!!

  31. jamie mac said on

    I think VAMPIRE WEEKEND should get a main stage slot they where brilliant in 2008 plus they’ve got a new album out in january…………

  32. Scott said on

    friday – arctic monkeys
    saturday – the killers (who cannot headline as they did last year) and the strokes
    sunday – kasabian and the main headliners Muse ( best band and live band ever)

  33. Laura said on

    the chemical brothers would be epic, or paramore, avenged sevenfold, enter shikari, the blackout, all time low.. bands like that, t should be more metalish than indie. any of these bands at t would be extremely awesome.

  34. Kallum said on

    The enemy for next years t in the park, along with muse, feeder kasabian, The Killers and Foo Fighters that would be an ace year at T in the park

  35. Coral said on

    I heard RHCP were supposed to be headlining. They’d be fantastic. Also Pearl Jam would be amazing to see at TITP!

  36. Rudy said on

    I hope to GOD…
    the Pixies
    Artic Monkeys
    Them Crooked Vultures

  37. Naomi said on

    I think it should be The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, The Fratellis, Tv on The Radio, Kings of Leon,Razorlight,Pixie Lott, Florence and the Machines, and Paramore,Kasabian, etc – that would be AH-mazing(:
    But the Killers went last year, and they go every second year :/

  38. aubrey said on

    arctic monkeys,kasabian,kings of leon
    :D :D :D

  39. Lisa Moir said on

    i only wanna see Green Day
    if they are playin i will be soooo happy!

  40. Claire said on

    Oh, I so want The Killers to be headlining. They are AMAZING live.
    Also maybe the Script and Muse??

  41. TONY GORDON said on

    Official! The headliners for 2010 are; Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Muse

  42. kellyn said on

    i defo think tht
    black eyed peas
    arctic monkeys
    lady gaga
    pussycat dolls:DD
    taylor Swift
    and loads moree:)
    should playy

  43. rab said on

    fatboy slim , muse , veronicas , coldoplay,

  44. Callum said on

    I reckon a series of possible headliners would be:
    Arctic Monkeys
    Biffy Clyro

    I reckon wolfmother’ll be there, coz they’ve just brought out the new album. probably newton faulkner too.

  45. Karen said on

    Muse said at a gig “see ya at T in the park” so im guessing they will be headlining

  46. some dude said on

    signal hill, post rock band from los angeles. they are money in the bank!

  47. :D:D said on


  48. moosy said on

    i think biffy shuld headline since they are probably the best scottish band ever
    mon i biffy

  49. Ciaran Brady said on

    Kasabian, Muse and Arctic Monkeys. :D

  50. higney said on

    ken wit just wait n see am headling t in the park

  51. Woshywoo said on

    Robbie William’s is a MUST & Black Eyed peas xxx

  52. REN said on

    Muse. For def! They have just had their Resistance tour and they havn’t done T in at least 5 years. Also, Coheed and Cambria, Smashing Pumpkins, Paramore and Florence! :)

  53. allan rodger said on

    The Colpins great guitar band just released new EP called half way there website http://www.thecolpins.com their single Freedom was brilliant,.

  54. Stephen said on

    Lady GaGa , 3oh!3 , Frankmusik , Little Boots , MIA , The Noisettes , Unicorn Kid & You Me At Six :)

    that would be awesome !!!! :)

  55. james said on

    get carl cox marco bailey and mauro picotto in the slam tent for a propa party

  56. Jamie said on

    Black eyed Peas is what im hearing. Also Jay-z, coldplay, killers and k.o.l are defo not as they hlined last year.

  57. Andy H said on

    Fri-Arctic Monkeys
    Sun-Black Eyed Peas
    Others- Ian Broon,Daft Punk,Beastie Boys.
    What about an acoustic face off between Noel G and Richard Ashcroft? that would be amazing!!!

  58. Liam Tennant said on

    I got my ticket early, and i expect bands i wanna see this year the last 2 years have been ok. not heard any rumours but i’d love to see Radiohead close it also muse and the libertines…think sigur ros would be great in the king tuts

  59. TEEEEEE said on

    Chilli’s have a new album out next year, could be them, or PEARL JAM :| that would be an amazing headline… libertines are also “supposed” to be back next year.. who knows

  60. Katy said on

    I really hope Katy Perry is at T in the Park10 i actually cant wait :)

  61. Chris said on

    If boys noize were the only act to go i wud be happy was awesome at rockness!!!!

  62. brian anderson said on

    we must have green day head lining

  63. Jack said on

    Artic Monkeys,Kasabian,The Enemy Linkin Park

  64. clairey said on

    so hope paolo nutini will be there, he is god.

  65. claire said on

    muse muse muse :0

  66. craig said on


  67. KIrsty said on

    I really think Muse and Green day will be Headlining! they both toured this year and are both doing stadium tours next year ! :) fingers crossed ! my 2 favorite bands! didnt get to see either of them !

  68. Lilly said on

    RADIOHEAD please! omg how amazin wud tht beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ahh

  69. Greg Ferrier said on

    Deadmau5, MSTRKRFT in the slammer, or David Guetta or Benny Bennassi either in the slammer or main stage! This would be ideal lol, hopefully 2 Many DJs make an appearence again!!!!

  70. dan said on

    the problem with last year compared to years before is that they went for chart hits rather than iconic bands(with a couple of obvious exceptions). obviously there should be a mix, but we need some bands that wont fade into obscurity within a year or two. pfft, razorlight.

  71. Grant said on

    Kasabian have been confirmed.

  72. Bryan said on

    Kasabian are definetly going…Tom anounced it when i seen them at Glasgow!!!!!!

  73. anton said on

    kasabian are confirmed headliners but heard it was going to be muse and u2 for other days… not sure if u2 will do t so may be another older act, he’s always wanted bowie since he pulled out but again doubt he would do it.

  74. simpson said on

    kasabian are confirmed
    hopefully the strokes
    doubt arctic monkeys will play
    possibly a sly noel gallagher set? that would be good
    they better not bring in all this shit like 3oh3! and all that bollocks, its losin its rock n roll edge

  75. shatner said on

    david bowie finally!

  76. Cherelle said on

    kasabian are headling, cant wait :D !

    hope theres a bit of flo and the mac, arctic monkeys, the killers, black eyed peas, calvin harris, the script, lily allen, katy perry and mumford and sons there too <33 !!


  77. Ruby said on

    Cant wait for T In The Park 2010!!! Will be my first time going but sooo looking forward to it!!! Just need to save my money up first so i can afford a ticket!! Even better Im going to be 18 by then soo it will be well awesome!!! :D
    Cant wait!!!

  78. Tom said on

    Biff Clyro!!!!

  79. BEN said on


  80. Gary said on

    aww i huge line up is needed with bands dropping stuff all over the place.
    i say:
    kings of leom, snow patrol, goo goo dolls, blink 182, augustana, air traffic, coronas, james morisson, maximo park all that those sort of bands would be awesome, sorry if i missed yours out didnt want to ramble a whole line up lol

  81. danny said on

    Heard Rumors about the foos and pearl jam both being headline acts.

    sounds pretty damn good to me!

  82. Mark said on

    Come on Geoff please be Foo Fighters Linkin Park and the Killers =]

  83. MC Freeze said on

    Word Kevin, The Beastie Boys would rock the the crowd. Oh and bring Nas along too. And the Wu.

  84. Laurie said on

    LADY GAGA!!..
    THE VIEW..


  85. Fraz Little said on

    hoping for biffy clyro and the arctic monkeys.

  86. david said on

    Heard peter kay is going. WHY????? lolololol!

  87. alex said on

    kasabian muse and greenday is what i’ve heard

  88. caitlin church said on

    I hope florence and the machine and yeah yeah yeahs are playing :D

  89. Lisa Moir said on

    Green day.. i hope

  90. Sarah said on

    Green Day ive heard rumours for! oh i hope so <3 make it 3 time ill be seeing them in 2010 :)

  91. jenbennnnn said on

    think it would literally make my life! LD

  92. Heed :D said on

    Madness for 2010 titp?

  93. Evan Dunn said on

    Love the music but just hope there’s going to be plenty of stunning boys!

  94. Ben said on

    alsoo maximo parkkk and maccabeees

  95. Jeffery Ray said on

    Fri – Kasabian

    Sat – The Libertines

    Sun – Muse


  96. Stuart Faskin said on

    Kasabian wil be bril for titp! if ‘the who’ can headline titp surely AC/DC can headline too! they would blow the balado crowd away! what an incredible headliner they would be!

  97. Lynsey said on

    I’m hoping for Arctic Monkeys, Muse, Green Day..
    Kasabian have obviously announced. Would love Biffy & The View. Foo Fighters would be also be rather epic. Would love The Killers and Kings of Leon back but unlikely as they both headlined last year. Hopes too high?

  98. dimmaboy said on

    Hope Pendulum will be back again, them and the prodigy always make the night end well!!

  99. Chris McPherson said on

    It says on the offical website that 2pac is playing slam tent DECENT

  100. connor said on

    i think that friday will be biffy clyro, saturday will be greenday and sunday kasabian. Then gaga, KOL, Killers and wuld love to see jason mraz again he was totally amazing last year!

  101. Kevin said on

    Cheer’s Freeze, I’m on for the Beastie Boys…….
    Happy New Year!

  102. Andy said on

    Anyone else been confirmed???

    Would love to see Muse, Killers, Coldplay, GAGA, Katy Perry, The View, Jamie T and The Holloways :D :D

  103. Jarad said on

    GREEN DAYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!

  104. Ben said on

    GLASVEGAS(yn), Manics again? they were awsome last year!!! Ian brown and mani would be awsome!

  105. Ryan said on

    T in the Park 2010 headline Rumours i’ve heard:
    Kings of Leon
    Daft Punk
    Foo Fighters
    Pearl Jam

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!

  106. turnbulldst said on

    Paramore and Arctic Monkeys.
    Peal Jam announced their 2010 tour dates was hoping one was a festival sadly not, would be great to have a band like that somthing abit diffrent.

    Would like to see:
    Bon Iver
    Lady Hawke
    The Last Shaddow Puppets
    Them Crooked Vultures

    Ive got a feeling somthing like Showtek in the Slam mabey.

  107. jonny said on

    Muse, Arctic monkeys, MGMT, Vampire weekend, Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, Blink 182, Greenday, Justice, BRING ‘EM ALL!!!

  108. ally wilson said on

    cana wait till titp2010 gan tae be majic … hopefully well kasabian as we know .. florence and the machine .. artic monkeys.. ian brown .. and steriophonics are there :D :D

  109. NICKAIII said on

    Kasabioings wuffft

  110. Cat said on

    Muse said they would play so fingers crossed – they put on such a show.

    Faith no more.

    Rage against the machine.

  111. Boyd Tickhill said on

    I just hope that Calvin Harris is playing, i’ve got my ticket and i’ve seen him before. He was amazing live! :D

  112. chelsee hill x said on

    the people i really want to see this year are florence & the machine, the strokes, the libertines, JUSTICE! (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!) Simian Mobile Disco (since i missed them this year) & the bloody beetroots, cause i dont think they’ve ever played in scotland before!

  113. Gail said on

    The Killers won’t be playing they are having a break from touring this year. I think The Black Eyed Peas, The saturdays, Stereophonics, Blonde, the Nutini bhoy fae Paisley.

  114. claire said on

    i would love the killers and lady gaga again, the killers titp was the best day of my 2009, black eyed peas/beyonce wold be great but doubt it xxx

  115. bobby said on

    when is the full lineup announced?

  116. Adam said on

    i hope for….muse, linkin park, ian brown, franz ferdinand , prodigy and foo fighters bein geunine possibility’s

  117. The Don said on

    Love to see the courteeners , the view , the enemy :D

  118. yoko said on

    i heard green day are gonna be there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  119. Kieran said on

    adam linkin park split up last year haha. kasabian,muse,them crooked vultures are the definate headliners according to next weeks NME magazine. Florence and the machine, The enemy, the fratellis, ian brown, paulo nutini and lost prophets have been anounced as radio 1 stage performers. and in the king tuts wahwah tent thier will be the likes of la roux, paramore, Mika and reverand and the makers. also basshunter will be making an appearance for 2 hours on the saturday night in the slam tent. OFFICIAL!

  120. Sweet said on

    Some of these are ridiculous haha
    im guessing
    Main stage
    Bands like;
    Kasabian (obv)
    The Strokes
    Arctic Monkeys
    Biffy Clyro
    and maybeeee someone like Dizzee Rascal

  121. Holly Clark said on

    and the clash :P
    and the beatles and oasis =D

  122. calum said on

    the days after the last batch go out on sale

  123. laurenkaleta said on

    i really want kasabian, muse, the prodigy, the killers, ian brown, reverand and the makers, lady gaga and coldplay. i would die and go to heaven if these acts were to go!=)

  124. Jemma said on

    I’m hoping for some Ocean Colour Scene. What’s the chances? They’re realsing their new album on Feb the 1st so.. y’know. there’s hope!

  125. Johnny Gobaggen said on

    MCR have just been confirmed.

  126. kieran said on

    Hope steps and s-club juniors re-unite! XD

  127. Fin said on

    My headline wish list – Kasabian!, Muse, Black Eyed Peas (sat night), also Prodigy, Mumford and sons, Lady Gaga again – main stage not tent!Calvin Harris again, Dizzeee!…………..

  128. steph n tamara said on

    Paolo Nutini please please please please please please for main stage!!!! Lady gaga, Pixie lott, Arctic monkeys, katy perry, calvin harris,Libertines get back together please!!!!<<3

  129. Becca said on

    it should be
    The Killers again [unlikely]
    All Time Low [unlikely]
    Paramore [unlikely]
    Pixie Lott
    Hey Monday [unlikely]
    Panic At The Disco

    i think i’d actually scream so loud if Paramore & All Time Low went :) but arent they on Warped when TITP’s on? :\ same with Hey Monday, and YouMeAtSix

  130. Colin said on

    Kasabian have already comfirmed headliner.

    Other headliners i think might be Muse, Artic Monkeys and mayb KoL again. Wouldnt b sure on them crooked vultures as they are playing at Download. Biffy is also a good posibilty.

    My ideal 3 would b muse Kasabian and KoL.

    Has muse ever played at T?

  131. David said on

    May be Massive Attack..?? New album this year an’ all that..!!!

  132. Lucy said on

    @Kieren Paramore are you serious?? oh my gad how do you know this!!!!

  133. Toni said on


  134. arcangel said on

    kasabian, biffy, muse, prodigy, pendulum, stereophonics? i hope so! arctic monkeys.

  135. Dazza said on

    Richie hawtin as plastikman in the slam tents a definite, as he’s tourin and hopefully dubfire, thank god “manydjs and boyznoise wont be there as the slam tent dont put acts on two years running

  136. lisa said on

    daft punk would be awesome!
    calvin harris, deadmau5, maximo park, bloc party .. yespls.

  137. Sarah Wood said on

    Wooooooo Yipeeeeeeeee TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT in the Park! Ive heard Taylor Swift! LOVE that girl! Can’t waait to get my hands on the boooys ;) come on hottties! wahooooooo lOVE T XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  138. chelsea said on

    I’m hoping that Cheryl Cole will sing at t in the park, the rest i’m not too bothered about tbh!, But i’d like for- Lady gaga, Snow Patrol, Black eyed peas, coldplay, the killers and a few more of my fav’s will sing also.

    i <3 cheryl colee! me idol.xxx

  139. Jamie said on

    Its the only way!!
    And the chemical bros again defo

  140. Eilidh said on

    Paramore should deffinitly headline or at least be there their new album is quite frankly brilliant :D , coldplay maybes too, Ocean Colour Scene would be a good one too. Ultimatly i want to see the killers and kings of leon ;) wooo t in the park gonna rock xx

  141. lee said on

    like to see lady gaga. black eyes peas, ian brown, 2many djs, green velvit,coldplay,the killers,the prodigy and the chemical brothers and katy perry their, sounds good too me

  142. Shaun said on

    Will be Arctic Monkeys, Stereophonics And Kasabian headlining. And ofcourse king monkey himself, Ian Brown x

  143. Danny said on

    kasabian, muse and radiohead please

  144. DebSanjKeigh said on

    Placebo Muse Kasabian Yeah Yeah Yeahs Prodigy Florence Daft Punk Lost Prophets Subo!!! Madonna Biffy Clyro Dykeenies

  145. SAM said on

    fingers crossed
    ARCTIC MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THE WHO!!!

  146. Andrew said on

    love it if ian brown is there, mans a legend
    also be good is biffy clyro, strerophonics and the enemy are there

  147. cool guy said on

    Official headliners for TITP2010

    Friday – Arctic Monkeys
    Saturday – Green Day
    Sunday – Kasabian, Muse

    The Following will healdine the NME/Radio1 stage

    Friday – The Enemy
    Saturday – The Prodigy
    Sunday – Glasvegas, The View

    The following acts have also been confirmed yet when they are playing is tbc

    Steriophonics, Biffy Clyro, Florence and the machine, Vampire Weekend, My Chemical Romance, Pendulum, Bloc Party, Calvin Harris, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Paolo Nutini

    Paramore, The Killers, Kings Of Leon, Coldplay and Radiohead all turned down the chance to play this year.

  148. Sorelle! said on

    BIFFFFFFFFFFY (L) Muse Kasabian Prodigy Florence!

  149. James said on

    I reckon Kasabian & Muse. I’d love to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Kula Shaker as they’re both releasing new albums this spring!

  150. Sarahh. said on

    i know some acts who are playing:
    madness?? (they had on there wesite for tours)
    leona lewis
    peter kay

    i know this because my dads a member of the t in the park website and gets a email when a act is anounced Xx.

  151. elliekol said on

    no arctic monkeys i am afraid heard it from the horses mouth

  152. lousie said on

    doubt KOL or killers will be there again this year, KOL hav played last 3 years in a row. Think the arctic monkeys will defo b back and I went to a biffy clyro intimate gig and they said they would more than likely b there! i hope the courteeners are there again and the prodigy!!! 2 best gigs ive ever been 2 so fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

  153. jay said on

    when will we know whos playing. the suspence is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  154. Dee said on

    Florence btr b there!! i missed out last year as was pregnant, im hopin most of last years line up haha

  155. sangster said on

    who actuly cares it titp ya dancer roll on july :P


  156. turnbullds said on

    If Sarah above (150) is right, Leona Lewis, JLS, we should boo them off stage! Manufactured pop music has already taken over our charts, please keep it away from our festivals and “real” music fans. But the real talented artisit get less and less each year (look at previous lineups)

  157. SINEAD BRUCE !!!!! said on

    Hiyya fellow T IN THE PARK fans so looking forward to this year’s T 2010
    Muse , the verve, chase & status, jay-z, foo fighters, the killers, would be awesome with loads more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. derrie said on

    does anyone know when the next set of tickets are on sale?

  159. Martin said on

    Bands announced next tuesday ;) x

  160. sean said on

    when do the rest of the tickets come out?

  161. Sammy said on

    The full line up goes out on the 23rd and the tickets are suppost to be released on the 26th! Last years line up was okay, but I do have a sneaky suspicion that Muse will be headlining! xo

  162. Andrew said on

    Bombay Bicycle Club are playing. Jamie told me at a gig.

  163. SINEAD BRUCE !!!!! said on

    wwwoooooooooo TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT love t in the park… herd from a friend ;) cant tell you who, that MUSE will be head lining, I can’t wait for all the girls and guys love being a bisexual ;) ;) it is so much funn!!!! T IN THE PARK 2010 hear I come xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  164. James said on

    I heard that no 1 is playing this year at titp everybody is jst 2 stay in there tent and sleep maybe Boy George if we are lucky.

  165. jimbo said on

    lineup announced tuesday 23rd feb!

  166. adam hall said on

    the police headlining sunday!

  167. robb hemming said on

    oasis reforming saturday night :O

  168. jb said on

    hey i just heard from a guy i perth thats its faith no more , kasabian and BLINK 182 the guy says hes not sure of the headlinerss but these bands will be announced

  169. Bazza said on

    wud like 2 see Florence, The Cribs, The Virgins David Guetta, Deadmau5. id b chuffed at that. dont put them on at same time as Kasabian tho.

  170. liv said on

    tomorrow is the day guys!
    lets hope there’s some good ones on.
    i’m thinking: Kasabian (obv), Muse, Green Day?
    Then i’d guess on the Radio1/WahWah stage would be smaller indie bands like Mumford&Sons, The View, Courteeners etc?

  171. Gemma said on

    I think who should play! are;
    kasabian, muse, chemical brothers, florence and the machine, deadmau5, doves, pet shop boys again!! BEP’s, the twang, verve, artic monkeys and eddy grant again – he rocked 08!!
    thanks :-)

  172. SwedgeSamson said on


  173. Liam said on

    You me at six, Four year strong, The Used, Paramore, Nevershoutnever

  174. KAT said on


  175. annabella said on

    lady gaga, noel or liam gallagher, chris brown, coldplay, daisy dares you, chipmunk, n-dubz, katy perry, SNOW PATROL!!!

  176. TITP!! said on

    im so pumped.
    only got a day ticket.
    so will miss biffy as there playing on the sunday :(
    but its cool, seeing them in april.

    chuffed wi the line up.
    though would like to see a few more band line up.

    cba with cheryl cole or the black eyed peas tbh.

    Thank fuck JLS are not playing.

  177. Mark Armour said on

    Cant wait for T. Kasabian will be awesome. Does anyone know if Arctic Monkeys are gonna be playing? The weekend would be complete if they were.

  178. Vince Noir said on

    My dream would be to see Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, The Kooks, Bloc Party, Radiohead and Pedulum join the current lineup. I know it wont happen but not harm in dreaming…

  179. Lola said on

    Does anyone know if TITP tickets go on sale again??

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