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Saturday 23rd of June 2018
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Glastonbury 2011 Weather Forecast

23rd June 2011 - 09:41

It’s that time of year when everyone’s attention draws to the weather for Glastonbury Festival, do you take your wellies or do you take your bikini….or both?!

Glasto weather is almost always associated with the rain and mud baths, but it has been known to be really hot and festival goers have been caught out and ended up coming up with sore heads and burnt red faces!

So, here’s our weather forecast for this weekends 2011 Glastonbury Festival from various sources around the Glastonbury area:

Weather Forecast for Glastonbury 2011

After a damp start following the opening of the festival gates on the Wednesday, the sunshine should move in with only a slight chance of rain throughout Friday. It’s the evenings that could be damp with almost 5mm of rain predicted for Friday night.

Following the Friday night downpour, there’ll be plenty of mud around the festival site as people start moving around the festival site. Temperatures for Saturday could hit low 20’s but there’ll be quite a bit of cloud cover making it ‘muggy’ and quite hazy.

Sunday sees the best day of the festival weekend, with a glorious start to the day and temperatures at least 20c from early on rising to as high as the mid 20’s. The UV rays will be strong if there’s plenty of sunshine, so remember to wear a hat, sunscreen and take on plenty of liquids (not just beer or cider!).

Here’s that Glasto weather forecast in a nutshell:

Friday: Pleasant day but watch out for the rain later on.

Saturday: Damp start but warm day, plenty of cloud though.

Sunday: Scorchio! Don’t get too sunburnt, remember to wear a hat & sunscreen.

Have a great time and stay safe.

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