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Saturday 23rd of June 2018
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Festival Checklist

There’s also something you’ll forget, so with the help of our festival checklist you should be ok!

Make sure you check out the festival gadgets page for the latest must haves.

Have you got any things to add to our list? Add a comment below – cheers!

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    73 Responses to “Festival Checklist”

  1. john said on

    an alarm clock to wake you up in good time to get to the front!!!

  2. Conor said on

    Wat about a camping chair for nite time when the music is finshed!!

  3. Toni said on

    Above it lists ‘a flag so you can find your tend’. How about a glow in the dark flag or item so you can find it in the dark too.

  4. frankie said on

    muchos drugas!!!!!!!!!

  5. ToddFury said on

    A machete and high powered rifle

  6. heff said on

    radio and bbq

  7. emma said on

    its always a good idea to remember your ticket!!(obviously)u can neva be too prepared!

  8. ruairi devlin said on


  9. liam sloan said on

    a pair of sissors to cut ur hair

  10. paudie poland said on

    a penis enlarger cause i am the mac daddy n girls will want me but mines only 2inches

  11. sammi said on

    DENIM HOTPANTS! there my life :)

  12. joe said on


  13. rosie said on

    post it notes to stick on gays HAHAHAHAHA

  14. Glastonbury go-er said on

    well some friends ull get lonely otherwise lol!!



    and also insect spray and a good boot….. will get lots of lil creepy crawleys in ur tent sometimes and few nats, dont wanna wake up with a huge bite on the tip of your nose.

  16. Anja Bananya said on

    Ear plugs baby as noisy neighbours gettin action is no fun to listen to especially when theres a dry spell of lovin in your tent.

  17. maide and muff duff said on

    cigs cigs and more cigs, they cost a bomb when your in there!!!! oh and an umbrella incase your tent gets stolen lol

  18. becca said on

    a camera, throwaway, not good, but its great to go get developed after, remember the randomness!

  19. Sarah said on

    Black bin liners (or anything waterproof!) to put inside of wellie boshers to keep your feet dry in case it rains. Hopefully and fingers crossed it won’t! (I used bread bags one year cos thats all i had!)

  20. Scottie said on

    someone said a radio…..at a music festival??
    Better a step ladder or a homemade periscope from my blue peter days…ha ha

  21. Flangannan Welsh Dragon said on

    take your mother she will love the Jazz stage….

  22. tom said on

    Gaffa tape, nothing worse than accidently tearing a nice fat hole in the side of a tent! Gaffa is the ultimate quick and easy repair kit

  23. Jess said on

    Will you be searched for weed at the gates in glastonbury?

  24. zoe said on

    take me

  25. peter said on

    take a bucket and a roll of bin liners. you can use the bins to line the bucket and avoid having to use the toilets. just nake sure you dispose of the bags safely!!!

  26. peter said on

    Jess! no you probably wont be searched at the gates but if you’re too indiscrete about smoking it when you’re in there it might get confiscated.

  27. peter said on

    also, always have a bottle of water with you in your tent. sleeping in a tent in warm weather in a tent is a sure way to dehydrate and with the amount of substances people take it’s something you need to be very aware of.

  28. Keeli said on

    Plastic cups, vodkat and squash

  29. Mark said on

    ZOE!! Are you fit? How old are you? I’ll take you!!

  30. Marie said on

    Sunglasses everybody! Not only do they make you look soooo cool but they also protect your eyes from the splitting sun that we are going to get for the whole weekend!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully!

  31. Phil said on

    Will somebody help me make use of the condoms. I haven’t practised for over a year

  32. steph said on

    bread and bacon! nothing more satisfying than not having to pay 5 for a bacon sarnie in the morning, and you make lots of new friends when the smells waft round your neighbouring tents!

  33. Manon said on

    Booze, DUNGAREES!, radio for the time when there’s no music (duhh), people, extra tent pegs and gafa/duck tape!

  34. 3Beanzz said on

    ummmm… wat kindsa foods?? thats wat i’m wondrin! to survive the whole weekend!….pot noodles…..loadsa biscuits n crisps to snack on……..but wat else???

  35. Piez said on

    IMODIUM!!! A big help when it comes to the second day of the festival! Take a few n u barely have to go to the toilet!!! A must have at Festivals!!!

  36. Clare said on

    Take your friends, not your family though cos you’ll just end up having fights about the tents, who to see, and other random S**T!!! anyhow, don’t take your friend’s boyfriend, unless you take your own, or there’ll be nothing but making out and more, and you’ll feel left out. Take plenty of weed…LOL!!!! Don’t take pot noodles unless you want to spend most of your time in the portaloo!!! ps take your fone, call your mates and record the music on a video camera….stick it on myspace

  37. lea said on

    when do the glastonbury tickets for next yr strt

  38. Glasto leeds Bennicassim woman said on

    Throat losengers and Pain killers.
    Smoking to much of the old ganja and cigs can lead to a brutal throat infection!
    All in experiance of Glasto 05!

  39. Amazing1 said on

    Batiste dry shampoo!

  40. mike1971 said on


  41. Jeffrey said on

    make sure that you take a pair of shoes with you because if you dont then you might hurt your feet.

  42. Jeffrey said on

    make sure that you take a pair of shoes.

  43. Carmel said on

    LMAO! i have to say id go with the dry shampoo! an absolute must for girls i feel haha

    Also condoms were mentioned….how likely is it that you get laid?! ;)

  44. Peej said on

    Rosie that’s not even funny, nothing wrong with gay people and if you think there is then you need to get a life

  45. Jared said on

    make sure you take a shit load of weed, and red bull you will need it trust me.

  46. hedgy said on

    hand cream, so your masterbation session is more enjoyably.

  47. col , tom & dan said on

    dan sed a blow up sex doll. tom sed a plastic twat, col sed a warm apple pie incase you dont get any hahahahaha

  48. Tom said on

    I second what Rosie said, that would be humerous, chill out Peej! x x x

  49. Katie said on

    at glastonbury they broadcast a radio station to give news and updates of wots goin on. its a great way to find out about the background goings on of the festival that you may not know about, i personally want to experience as much as possible so a quick listen to the radio in the morning was awesome!!!

  50. John Barnes said on

    Can you go swimmin because i hear it rains a lot

  51. John Barnes said on

    can you go swimming????????? because i’ve heard theres swimming pools

  52. Josh said on

    kingskins and lighters for all the ganja! plus a torch + batteries!!

  53. pete said on

    if i brought bacon or pot noodle, could i cook them?boiling water facilities?kitchen area?? (32.steph)

  54. Jas said on

    ya must carry toothpaste and toothbrush
    ya cant be going around with rotten breath!
    i mean how sick evry1 will stay away from u and no sex ha

  55. rach said on

    wellies, a torch, anti-bacterial wipes! woo my first festival is V..any tips off anyone plzz? x

  56. Nat said on

    a hat! to hide your hair on the 2nd/3rd day!

  57. adam said on

    three words



  58. Sean said on

    Rope! Sounds wierd, but you never know at when you might need some…

  59. Nutsdog, KFCdog, Faydog said on

    Lilo, sleeping bag, duvet & pillow!!
    Sauce sachets from Sainsburys restaurant.
    Alcohol gel (Hand Sanitiser).

    add a bunch of clunge in the mix and hey presto!

  60. Leeroy brown said on

    A perm & clunge

  61. Holmesy said on

    clunge, hehehehe. All very good tips!!!

  62. Matt said on

    Well, my from my own times you need a shit load of crack and boy when your up on that mother you better have some Smack to come down on man ….this aint no fairy tale..this is the real deal. The last time I went to Glastonbury the RAF had to airlift my arse outta that hell hole.

  63. Poppy sucks said on

    Dude, I cant wait to get some CRACK and I cant belive the RAF airlifed you outta there you JACKASS…. where is that hell hole hole next to the jazz world oe the Tipi tents….PLEASE let me know Iam beside myself????

  64. Matt said on

    a Bag of spider monkeys, some monkeynuts, some nuts and some monkeys, oh I almost forgot. 17,000 cans of premium emglish cider and fridge the size of Clapham Common.

  65. the mole said on

    drinks bottle with large neck for midnight pissing. oasis is ideal so long as your not doing more than half a pint

  66. Ricky said on

    Moist wet wipes for your day 3 cheesy sweaty bot bot and ball bag!

  67. LL said on

    Berrocca!!!!!! They are good…

  68. shiteye said on

    two girls and one cup

  69. Peanut said on

    hmmmmm a bucket? To do a number 2 in, incase the que for the toilets is too long ;)

  70. Laura said on

    Pen and a little notebook for adresses, phonenumbers, newly discovered bands and other random stuff that you tend to forget.

  71. Gordon said on

    When it comes to Marijuana we always split it up amongst everyone we’re with and have it stuffed inside food containers or in rolls of socks dotted all round your bag.(hasn’t failed us yet) It’s unlikely you’ll get searched that thoroughly but you dont really wanna take any chances. After all what is a Festival without the GOOD SH*T!!!!

  72. Sam said on

    heartburn/ acid indigestion tablets. v.important after drinking lots of alcohol every day!

  73. Suzanne Barry said on

    A Bucket to sh*t in

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