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Saturday 23rd of June 2018
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Festival Survival Guide

Festivals are an experience and for first timers, they can be a bit daunting.

Our Festival Survival Guide should help you:

Got any more survival tips for newbies?  Want to ask us a question?  Submit it below.


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    56 Responses to “Festival Survival Guide”

  1. heff- southampton said on

    are we allowed to bring fire works for late night bbqs.

  2. jim said on

    no thy dont allow fireworks

  3. becca said on

    dont bother taking food you will have to cook! you will be able to survive on crisps and jaffa cakes!

  4. ross said on

    you can pick up mini stoves. if you are fussed about cooking yer cheezy beans.

  5. Spliff said on

    What ever you do DO NOT forget to pack bogroll the sites often dont provide it and you do not want to be caught out!!!!

  6. Tom said on

    Not only do you not want to camp near the toilets…you also dont want to camp downhill from any!!! Ask the poor souls who camped near the bottom of the hill by the main stage in 2005 and woke up in a world of s*&t….literally. Take note.

  7. Duncan said on

    DONT BRING BOGROLL to glastonbury… they are supplying us with plenty :)

  8. Manon said on

    Always be nice to everyone around you!

  9. Manon said on

    And by the way; to any one going to Wakestock DONT BRING BBQS! They’ll nick them from you!

  10. george!!!!!!! said on

    yeah sounds good, real good……………. but i bet you can’t put a fruit pastle in your mouth without chewing it………..

  11. asphyxia said on


  12. Flossie said on

    babywipes essential. so handy!
    chewing gum aswell!

  13. Clare said on

    bring wet wipes, gum, anorak and/or wellies – it’ll make glastonbury rain better- and take your own toilet roll!!! portaloos are evil!!!!
    or as my friend jo says, take your own toilet!!!!gemma wanted to say hi. bye…. glastonbury here i come!!!!! hope it’s sunny next year…. mmmm

  14. PETER said on


  15. lolo said on

    if you get left alone while you cant see straight allways wait by the entrance to main stage if u cant find help someone will help you sooner or later and if u pass out they all work there so ur be safe. i should no!

  16. Jemima said on

    Take a watch! as a non watch wearer… i didnt have a freeeking clue what the time was..!! but i didnt really care to know the time either!! but when ya fav band is on you dont want to miss it do ya..! and the amount of times i had to ask for a watch, so its just eaiser to take one! i will defo be taking one to next years glastonbury! bring on the mud!!! :D

  17. Natalie said on

    how old do ya have to be to go without an adult!
    i’d love to go to glastonbury bext year, but have never even been to a concert outside, how will i survive at a whole festival outside for a weekend!!


  18. Roxanne said on

    Dont forget a two man tent will only take two men no rucksacks no chairs just two people! unless you want to sleep on your hard lumpy rucksacks i suggest you get a tent that is an extra person than you have so if you have two people get a four man tent trust me you’ll appriciate the extra room.

    Also bug spray is a must it stinks to high heaven but you will appriciate not being bitten a big black bite on your leg that heats up whilst your already sweltering its not comfrtable!

    Warm clothes for round the campsite!

    oh and deep heat your back will be killing you after all that walking and if your not sleeping on an air bed that wont help either.

    TORCH! you will need it unless you wait till 6am till you go to bed.

  19. mags said on

    Take bog roll!!!!! and sum form of a light…… got totally lost goin 4rm tent to tent in oxegen!!! ohh and a padlock but only use it when ur sleepin(if u actaully sleep) ppl piss into ur tent while ur in it!!! WELLIES tat cum up high enuf if u get low ones they get stuck in mud and fall off

    all oxegen experience

  20. lucy said on

    what’s the youngest kids wise??? because my little cousion wants to go to t in the park for her thirteenth

  21. matt said on

    hi all i havent ever been b4 cos i wernt my scence i prefer grunge and metal but am now trying to open my music tasts cos i uesed to be a complete hippie and i am trying to regain it any advice to help

  22. sutt said on

    can you hire the teepee’s at glasto
    can you bring a mobile home to the site

  23. joe said on

    To Lucy Number twenty.

    I went when i was nine.


  24. karen said on

    look it really doesnt matter wat u bring or forget…more than likely it wall get ruined wit water or muck and more often than not the people that are around u are very generous and will help u out….oxygen an experience not to be taken lightly…cant wait for this year..best laugh ever..xx

  25. cosim said on

    who knows what the score is for taking your own booze to festivals?
    vodka addict!

  26. Lotti said on

    take booze– boxes of wine are good… they usually ban glass bottles!!

  27. Hayley said on

    Take wet wipes! They’re a must have!! Take either bottles of water yourself or get a cheap water carrier to put just inside you tent!

    And girls,if you go in the she-pee’s its worth buying extra she-pee’s to carry around with you. never know when you might need a quick wizz,and it also means that you can stand up and pee in them proper scary portaloo’s instead of having to hover over a pile of turd!! xx

  28. Lotti said on

    Lets hope ministry give us a vodka shot bar!

  29. charlotte said on

    went last year. trust me when i say take bogroll. you dont wanna be trekking to 1 of the 3 stalls in the whole fest if your burstin.

    x-speaking from experiance-x

  30. It’s alomost that time again folks! « News, Reviews & Previews said on

    [...] http://www.festivalnews.co.uk/festival-survival-guide [...]

  31. Jen said on

    It’s all about long socks and leggins so that you don’t get really sore wellie rash like I did on my very first Glasto experience in 2005! Platers for blisters is always a good one too!x

  32. Katie said on

    when you arrive the first thing your gonna want to do is get in and get the party started but make sure you write down exactly where you parked your car!!! after 5 days of mayhem it can easily slip your mind. speaking from experience its not fun trying to find it on the monday!!! oops! x x x

  33. Goony said on

    Carry as little as possible when your in the mix,just phone and money and behind a zip if poss (there are always a few light fingerd fellows about) that works 4 me and most important of all ENJOY yourself !

  34. Gee said on

    If u need to keep ur ticket with u at all times or even moneys put it in ur bra ladies… I learned tht at t in th park lst year.. best purse i ever bought

  35. dawn said on

    where is safe place to put passports and money for the festival in bennicassim

  36. Rosie said on

    take paracetemol! after all that drinking and loud music your head will hurt big time. I know mine did after Download festival 2007.

  37. fae said on

    does anyone know the hare krishna tent? apparently they give free potato stew. has anyone tried this? i’m a cheapo and not a huge junk food fan and am liking the meditation part. is the said stew disgusting or ok? what does it taste like?
    are there any other free food places?
    are earplugs a good idea to bring so you can get to sleep?
    thanks:) can’t wait!

  38. Bryony said on

    Most stuff been written here but main things to take: juice cartons (soooo nice in the morning!), cereal bars, wet wipes, antibacterial hand stuff (after using the toilets – A MUST!), layers of clothing but no real need for a waterproof (they give ponchos away and they’re much better for having your bag underneath), a bag that’s comfy to carry all day with valuables in – DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR TENT! Even at night, put valuables under your head if poss. At Glastonbury, my mate left his trousers near the entrance to his tent and they were nicked… with his phone and money in. Boooo!

    Saying that – we all had a bloomin’ good time!

  39. Matt said on

    Take a house and and garden…oh and some nasty dogs to keep all the fucking hippies out

  40. hana said on

    DONT FORGET A PILLOW, thats always the last thing on my mind, my boyfriend had to use a loaf of bread for his pillow last year at leeds.

  41. Matt said on

    back in 1990 me and my mate made a tent out of 389 stella cans all glued together with cow shit. We could believe our eyes when this geezer came along and kicked the fuck out of it….twat

  42. James said on

    some tips/essentials from an experienced festival junkie: water(invaluble),flashlight/lamp(for finding your tent in the night),waistbelt with SECURE pouches(because you DO want to take a camera and your mobile),pack of cards,plenty of rizzlas,much alcohol,protein(dried fruits,cereal bars,etc),stay OFF coffee(slows your circulaton=risk of hypothermia and/or dehydration in a crowd),last but not least, if your sluggish friends are watching a boring act or feeling tired, DON’T hesitate to slip away and disappear for a couple of hours if there’s a band you want to see and you’re desperate to get right in the moshpit- I can’t stress this enough. Just say that you got lost and were trying to find them for ages. There’s no reason to be held back.

  43. Matt said on

    Well….I would say that that if your gonna have a good time you need a empty jam jar and some fuck off angry bees tied to your fuckin bollocks and two parisian bitches tied up and proper pissed off with all the cream your sqertin man.

  44. DEB said on

    MATT can you get me some jam jars?? I heard they were 50p at ASDA??

  45. DEB said on

    What about branston pickle jars, as I have these avalible

  46. Sandy said on

    If you bring those little plastic chinese food boxes, you can pour water into thenm and use them for washing your face, or brushing your teeth etc. They are really handy, especially when your allergic to baby wipes(like me!) and cant use them to clean your face.

  47. Maria said on

    Its my First ever festival this year! i am soooooo excited and leaving on fri morning!! I want to know tho… whats teh best size bag you want to take – i am not too keen on taking a suitcase for all the stuff i just read – and it seems there’s loads more stuff i needed than just me and my million packet of crisps. what kind of bags were taken… should i get a disposable one? and a small one to keep as it gets emptier – might sound like a slly question and i’m most likely to get silly answers but i’m open to suggestions! thanks

  48. nicola said on

    can you take gas camping stoves to v fest???

  49. Helen said on

    nicola (number 48) yep you can take gas camping stoves and bbqs! we checked! Not long to go!

  50. deff squad said on

    message for da deffsquad – lookin forward to bangin’ choons man and hookin up afta battlin’ wiv yo mutha’s on COD!!!!!!

    Hockeyboy – lookin atcha!

  51. hockeyboy said on

    you was wicked on COD5 – I seen you goin to V – has yo campavan got WIFI bro?

  52. amy said on

    im worried about thieves!!! has anyone ever had much stolen at V festival, weston park? x x

  53. alicia said on

    It’s impossible to survive at Reading without: of course a tent, wet wipes, bin bags, loo rolls, and alot of alcoholll :)
    get pissed and have fun, its what festivals are all abouttt! x

  54. Chloe said on

    ofcourse there is thieves , but you have just got to be carefull.

  55. Paul Ryan said on

    Hi to one and all. I am thinking about going to Oxygen next year. I have a question what do people do male and female if they need to go to the toilet to a pee or a poo and are desperate to go and cant get to a portaloo in time if they wait any longer they could go in their pants.

  56. catandsoph said on

    quickie question, bad idea to lock up tent, so how do you know how to keep all your belongings safe?

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