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Tuesday 24th of April 2018
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Festival Tips

Tips for Festivals

Here’s some tips for festival goers.† We’ve also put together a festival checklist and survival guide.

Got some festival tips you want to share?† Submit your favourite festival tips below.

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    75 Responses to “Festival Tips”

  1. Arron said on

    Hi, are u aloud to bring say a 8-10 man tent?
    and will you be searched at the gate for booze if your under age?

  2. heff- southampton said on

    i think most people will be searched i dont think the size of the tent will matter.

  3. Miccah said on

    I thought people werent searched as it took too long and held up the already massive queues

  4. metaldude said on

    ye i dont think everyone is searched just if you make it extremely obvious

  5. samtheman said on

    Are they pickey on lettin 15year olds through for camping without adults?

  6. Laura said on

    They dont really care how old you are aslong as u dont look like ur 10 years old or something silly :)

  7. Meera said on

    I reccomend a small torch to hang around your neck while using the loos at night as you don’t want to step on or sit on anything smelly and squidgy. Also take antibacterial hand wash gel after using the toilets so you avoid catching nasty bugs!

  8. paul said on

    dont dress like an emo, u will be picked on instantly, make freind with the people arond u, if they dont like you theyr more likely to stel your stuff, baby wipes are a god send!

  9. catherine said on

    Cut the bottoms off an old pair off jeans!!

  10. Manon said on

    Emergency panchos are always good. Melting marshmallows and offering some to your neighbours is a great way to make friends. Don’t be horrid… festivals are for spreading the luuurve!

  11. luv fun said on

    And remember kids….have fun!

  12. Alfie said on

    I have never been to a festival before but i really want to go, can you tell me how much on average it costs altogether to spend the weekend at somewhere liks glastonbury please……… Thanks


  13. joanna brazil said on

    dont spend too much on clothes n stuff,for oxegen i cut up old jeans as shorts nd bought 3 Ä5 tshirts,a pair of wellies for a tenner and a rain mack for Ä6…everything gets destroyed if it rains like…also, nutrigrain bars will keep you alive!bring LOADS of babywipes,defo bogroll(and put it in a small plastic bag cos everything gets damp at night) oh,and dont leave your wellies or fold up chairs or anything outside your tent,theyl defo be nicked!!

  14. Clare said on

    don’t bring your iPod, you’re gonna be lovin’ the music anywayz….oh, yeah, it may also get nicked!!!! Take hi-energy food or else you could be the only freak who dies….and not even from drugs!!! go to the loos with a torch, or get your friends to shine theirs through the tent so’s you can see where your tent is!!! take your wellies to the bogs, or you will step in poop!!!bye, thanks for listening and reading and have a fab festival!!!!!!!!

  15. PETER said on


  16. Gaz said on

    will there be any riots this year?

  17. lulu said on

    wat’s the youngest 4 t in the park?
    and wen do we find out who’s playin where?

  18. shubee said on

    Girls, either take dry spray in shampoo or travel sized normal ones and extra bottled water….or failing that don,t take your hat off all weekend….don,t bother queuing for beer tokens just buy it from the cider tent….you,ll spend half time waiting for beer tokens or for toilets…then you,ll miss getting down the front in the mosh pit for your fave band…oh and eat the giant sized yorkshire puds with sausage mash and gravy not only are they lush they will soak up the alcohol and less need to pee! Enjoy!

  19. Aby said on

    oh, girls (and maybe boys)
    it’s obvious you want to look really fashionable as it’s a fashionable place to be, but don’t take your favourite clothes (i know from experiance), they WILL get ruined or, as mine did, STOLEN.
    (and bra’s are a great place for holding money)

  20. Aby said on

    oh, and baby wipes are god, buy like 4 packs, and dry shampoo spray by Baliste it’s a godsend.

  21. charlee said on

    is there a designated wanking area
    do they have communial wank periods
    and hang on what about girls
    do you have a sexy time at the festival

  22. Joe M said on

    SCOUSERS IN GLASTO 2008 if u see us cum n say hello :P Josh,Joe,Jay,Mike,Lofty & Chris :) :)

  23. gdhsrhsfgh said on

    dont bring a 10 man tent cos think bout it, if u saw 1 wundt u go over nd see if theres a party goin on.. it cud attract the wrong croud..

  24. Pete said on

    Don’t set up a tent near a fence – we did a V2007 and soon realised that most people use the fences as toilets!

    Nothing was stolen from our group of 4 tents but apparently two guys were seen trying to unzip our tent during the day – We used small luggage padlocks on the zip’s and shared out the keys between us (just in case we lost one) which stopped them getting into our tent.

    The next tent to us also brought a crate of beer to share with all the surrounding tents which was a brilliant idea – an easy way to break the ice. You never know when you’ll need your neighbours help!

    Try an get your beer tokens on the first night, before the Music offically starts. We queued up for around two hours in the rain to buy our tokens on the first morning, missing the early music.

    I found that wearing boots instead of wellies is more confortable and gives you around 2 extra inches in height which can only beneficial when trying to see the stages.

    I would suggest NEVER to stay at one stage and wait for 1 or 2 artists you like. Our friends did that and missed so many goods bands. We moved around and got to see twice as many bands and still got very decent spots.

    Dont drink too much too fast – especially if your young. Apart from getting too wasted to remember the festival and throwing up ruining yours and your friends weekend, you’ll find yourself needing the loo every 30mins, wasting valuable festival time.

    Take the essentials and leave everything else at home or in the car. Our first festival we took so much food, Ipods, unnecessary camping gear – all which got wet, dirty and went unused. Remember that you tent is a place to crash and get changed, your weekend will be spent outdoors!

  25. Pete said on

    Also. . . final comment I promise!

    We left V2007 at 5.00am on the Monday morning. We packed everything up apart from our tent on the Sunday for a quick exit. By 8.00am we were back home watching the news report on the massive traffic jam leaving Weston Park – our friends decided to leave the campsite at the last minuet and didn’t get home until very late that day. You wont miss anything by leaving early apart from the traffic!

    Rant over!

  26. taff voyle said on

    take beer bongs, tape,because some nob head will steal your flag (as in me), as much booze as possible,(i took 4 crates to reading and they lasted 2 days), talk to the welsh people. they fucking rule and get naked as much as possible!!

  27. anisa said on

    hi where and who do i contact to sell beer tokens for festivals?

  28. Tamara said on

    can u bring alcohol or do they take it off you???

  29. FeastVirgin said on

    Hi how much booze can we take into Glastonbury?

    Do I need to hide it in my tent and stuff or is there no limit?

  30. JOnny said on

    im going to oxegen this year but ive heard that it is stupid to put pad locks on your tent as it advertises to others you have something to hid

  31. dave said on

    is beer tokens just code 4 money or do u actually need actual tokens 4 beer ? sorry 4 being a dumbass my first time at glasto this yr ??????

  32. Vic said on

    Don’t take a massive 10 man tent! The one next door to us at Reading 2007 got slashed, and one guy’s phone and wallet were stolen from right beside him while he slept. If you’re going in a big group take a few 3-4 man tents and make a circle of them. Take your oldest working mobile and a spare battery if you’ve got one. Put any valuables in your sleeping bag, don’t leave everything packed away in your rucksack, that makes it too easy for someone to steal. Loads of websites say take hiking boots, but who the hell has hiking boots?! Wear some old trainers on the way there and home, and take wellies for when it rains. Everybody wants to look good, but really you need to wear shorts or 3/4 trousers with loads of pockets, some band t-shirt or a strappy top, a big hoody (because it’s usually cold by the time the headliners have finished) and a rain poncho (which doubles up as something to sit on when you’re eating).

    See you at Glasto 2008 :)

  33. cat said on

    I’m aiming for creamfields this year, does anyone know how quick ticket usually sell out?

  34. Orla said on

    Can you buy ice at Oxygen ( warm beer not so nice!!)

  35. Lucy said on

    Just like babywipes, recommend Pure-Go for clean hands and stuff. wear the cool wristband and fill it with alcohol hand gel – no need to carry anything!!

  36. lou said on

    wots de craic with campervans at oxygen dis year

  37. John Barnes said on

    Can you play Golf there because i’m a golf freak and i’m wondering in the big fields if we can have a round of golf???????

  38. John Barnes said on

    Hi Robbie

  39. John Barnes said on

    Can You see rob williams there because i know him?

  40. Bob Galdof said on

    can i go swimming thier im a great swimmer iv just bought by tickets im bringing my armbands aswell

  41. Gregory Valentine said on

    Who Dares Wins!

  42. Handy Mike said on

    It’s my 1st Glasto this year!! I’m v excited! Everyone one goes on about the theft (ppl goin into ur tent etc)How bad is it?? Should i be worried???

  43. johon archway said on

    dont bring bottles they get taken off you at the gate dont turn up stoned ? look out for yellow and red flags they sell the best pizzas and their prices havent gone up in years plus all the salad you can eat .

  44. clarabel said on

    take something like a camel pak/ platypus with you. It can store loads of beer when you are on the move and your hands are free and it just sits on your back.

    i remember V festival and reading having beer tokens and checking people for booze before entry but glasto sell booze everywhere no tokens needed just good old fashioned cash!

    Take tent, pegs, torch, sleeping stuff, clothes,socks, wellies, socks, food, socks, Beer, socks and money. You dont need anything fancy just YOU, somewhere to sleep and a change of clothes.

  45. Matt said on

    Take a camel, a Yamaha 250 Motocross with a full tank. Two fit chicks and ghetto blaster. 60 cans of Blackthorn and some poppers…sorted

  46. Matt said on

    Take a camel, a Yamaha YZ 250 motocross. 60 cans of Dry Blackthorn. Two hot chicks and some poppers…sorted

  47. Siobhannnn said on

    rigggght, so for TITP im bringin..
    shorts and tops
    oldish jeans and jumpers
    socks pants bra etc .
    tooth brush :) and hair brush. deoderent nae wan likes a stinker ken :L.
    beer how am i gona get it in with me ?
    sleepin bag, mates got the tent.
    big towel
    big SCOTLANNNND flag.
    and a cool as fek hat ;)

    enough ? enything else ?x

  48. Will said on

    Can you take booze 2 the v festival???

  49. Jadee said on

    Big chill Tomorrow…

    Bringin;clothes, toiletries, tent, sleeping bag, Boozeee, money and my mates…

    Weekend sorted :)

  50. brenda higgins said on

    is there a quiet place so i can read a book?

  51. DISCO DEC said on

    Phaa! READING 08 is going to be a Drunken Orgy… FACT! Bring out the Absinthe;)

  52. Mark said on

    IMPORTANT: Watch out for the scumbag pick-pocketers in the crowds

  53. matt said on

    DOWNLOAD 2009 is going to be fucking awesome

  54. Matt said on

    Try not to arrive on the Tuesday after the festival has finished as you will be very disapionted.It’s always a good idea to take some muffins to put in your eyes when the sun isn’t out.

  55. Victoria said on

    baby wipes are the godsend of the festival scene. I always took a mini-pack in my pocket with me into the music site during the day, as theres usually no loo roll in the cubicles and its nice to stay fresh ;)

    everything you take should be stuff you dont mind losing or leaving behind and if you plan to take valuables they should never leave your pocket.

  56. Victoria said on

    oh and dont bother taking much alcohol, its a pain to lug into the campsite. Take any spirits you want to bring in a plastic bottle and just buy your beer from the shop onsite. Its just as cheap and will make your trip a lot easier! Remember that you cant take alcohol into the music site so you’ll be forced to buy from there anyway, so the alcohol you have in your tent is just for your mornings/nights.

  57. peter massive said on

    im going to download 2009………..gonnaaaa fucking rule

    basically just bring the obvious stuff
    lots and lots and lots and lots of socks
    baby wipes
    and a good sense of humour


  58. peter massive said on

    to comment number 50
    1. wtf…why r u bringing books
    2. its a music festival…u dont read books at music festivals
    3. of course there is no quiet place at a music festival


  59. Matt said on

    Is there still any fields left at Glastonbury? I’ve heard Mean Fiddler and tarmaced the site and installed giant burger stalls the hieght of 10 houses or more. Shorley this can’t be right!!

  60. Matt said on

    (Correct Spelling)
    Are there still any fields left at Glastonbury? Iíve heard Mean Fiddler have tarmaced the site and installed giant burger stalls the height of 10 houses or more. Shorley this canít be right!!

  61. Matt said on

    If you pitch on top of the pyrimid stage watch out when you come out in the morning to go for a shit. I’ts a big drop.

  62. Matt said on

    Reading, Glastonbury and Download have all been cancelled….FACT. I seen it in the Channel 4 website

  63. Bethany said on

    im going to reading festival and it says you have to have an adult with you if your under 16. are they really strict with this or will they let you in? im 14.
    also is it safe to bring cameras?

  64. Duff said on

    Connect a small attack alarm to the inside zip of your tent, that way when some bastard decides to break into it you have your very own burglar alarm!! Just remember its there yourself otherwise you & your neighbours will get a drastic wake up call when you stumble back to your tent at 5 in the morning!

  65. shaunna said on

    For the T In The Park peeps, take IMMODIUM and u wont need 2 have a shitee all wkend lol xx

  66. Mikey said on

    Great tips, any more on not gettin robbed? And i think the best tip is to just go, and carry on going! you’ll soon pick it up! ;)

  67. Scotatron said on

    T IN THE FUCKIN PARK BABY!!!! JUST GO, GET HIGH, DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY!! some shit’s always gonna hit the fan with 85,000 of us in the one field! know what a mean man!!

  68. Luize said on

    When you go to the toilets and flush the loo, use your foot to pull down the flusher as theres always loads of horrible stuff on it.
    And yes, hand sanitiser, deoderant and baby wipes are ledgendary!
    Have a good Summer x

  69. Laura J said on

    Bring a load of bin bags with you. They’re ace in the trough-like loos which are usually covered in all sorts of nasty stuff. Put the bag part way down the hole then open it right up so it covers the whole toilet bench area. Now you can sit down without worrying about sitting in anyone else’s mess! Then, when you’re done, just stand up and the bag drops down! This also stops anyone seeing a reflection of your bum on the other side of the loo! So much better than squatting over the seat.

  70. Seaney Dev said on

    all you need for leeds is 60 cans of stella wife beater, 20 bag of homegrown blown, arctic monkeys, few cush pals uglier than you so you look belta by comparison, few posh southern blonde slags campin near by, pills of all shapes and sizes, fred ped polos and the best emmerdale lookalike wellies available in aldi. SORTED

  71. alex de bizzle said on

    hey guys,
    im 14 and im going v next year for the second time, but this time im camping. im gonna go with a load of friends my age. (we will be 15-16 at the time of the festival).
    we are going to v festival in chelmsford. my brother (21) is going to take us he will be in the tents a few along. do you think we will be able to get away with drinking alcohol we have brought from home? and also do u think we will be allowed in. and any tips for usual being there?

  72. jesss said on

    Yeahh you can take any amount of alcohol but not in glass bottles however you wont be able to take it into the arena whee the music is so you can only drink it in your tents basically.
    You’ll get through from about 14 onwards without any ID as long as you dont look about 12 so that is the day to wear make-up!!
    GIRLS WITH LONG HAIR TIE IT UP!!!!!!!! You get so hot dancing and also the people behind you get a mouthful of hair – rank.

  73. creamfields V said on

    do lads wear wellies at creamfields. its my 1st time an jus wonderin wa 2 wear

  74. Livvy said on


  75. megg said on


    when your going throught the search isles to get out of the camp sight, if you want to sneak your drink out with you get your girlfriend or a girl you know to hide it under their shirt or somethin ang go to a cue where A MAN IS SEARCHING caus its illegal for a male to search a female so he wont find it ;)

    Oh.. bring a crap load of clips and bobbins and hairbands caus they are a GODSEND :)

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